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Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope has been released. Visit http://shipit.ubuntu.com to have your copy mailed to you. 






   Students' Linux Users' Group
  R CC Institute of Information Technology
  Canal South Road, Beliaghata
  Kolkata­ 700015
http://www.lug-rcc.webs.com                                        lug.rcc@gmail.com

  Recruitment of SLUG Points of Contact

SLUG has progressed with leaps and strides in the one and a half years of its existence. Its 
volunteers were present in the IOTA stall at the Kolkata Book Fair '09 and their work was 
hugely appreciated. Besides, it has developed cordial relations with the Fedora Community 
and is actively involved in their Free Media Programme.

In order to take the tradition forward, SLUG would like to mentor the next batch of 
coordinators to take up the mantle of the organisation. Accordingly, SLUG has decided to 
have Points of Contact in every class. These will be people who will help SLUG reach out 
to the masses. Besides, they will be specially mentored to take up SLUG's mantle in the 
future by being provided special guidance in FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). They 
will be the once preferred as SLUG volunteers at various FOSS events all over the state and 
thus get first hand experience at event handling, etc.

Accordingly, SLUG invites entries from interested students of the First, Second and Third 
years to be the SLUG Points of Contact. All one has to do is write within 50 words all that 
one knows about FOSS, or what one does not know but would like to know. One's entries 
will be judged purely on one's interest and not on one's linguistic skills.

All entries are to be submitted to the undersigned or to the SLUG coordinators, or emailed 
at lug.rcc@gmail.com within 2nd April, 2009, Thursday.

Looking forward to a long standing relationship between you and SLUG,

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Ritabari Roychowdhury
(Professor­-in-­charge, SLUG)

Copies to:  The Principal
                    All Academic Departments
                    Examination Department
                    Training and Placement Cell


SLUG will be recruiting 'SLUG Points of Contact' from every  class. They will be the primary mode of broadcast for SLUG among the students. They will of course get preference in all activities of SLUG and get first hand experience in event management, etc.

 A notice in this regard will soon be circulated by the SLUG PIC.


 SLUG volunteers will be present at the IOTA stall as ILUG-Cal.org volunteers at the Kolkata Book Fair '09 on various days. The IOTA stall is at Hall No. 4, Stall No. 69 at the venue.

Get hold of the following guys in college to know on which days they may be found at the Book Fair on duty:

 Shinjan Saha (3rd Year, IT)

 Rohit Kumar Gupta (3rd Year, IT)

Hemant Kumar (3rd Year, IT) 

Sarbartha Sengupta (3rd Year, IT)

 Dipanjan Chakraborty (3rd Year, IT)

Congratulations guys !!! 



 IOTA[1], a society under the Dept of IT, Govt. Of West Bengal is
organising a convention on "Freedom in Computer Technology".[2]
There will be eminent speakers[3] here. Also there will be people from
corporate and universities.
Participation if free.

I have managed to secure a booth for Fedora.
Also it gives the ambassadors from Eastern India the opportunity to
meet up. (Unoffcially though).

So we need volunteers to attend the booth. Also I shall request all
the Ambassadors from Kolkata and nearby to please come up so that we
can meet.

Please register here http://iotawb.org/registration.html

I have talked with them and they are open to extend the registration
period, in case anyone left out.

The date of convention is 26/27/28 Dec. 2008.

For any other questions please let me know.

[1] http://iotawb.org/
[2] http://iotawb.org/fctprog.html


Fedora 10 has been released. All SLUG members may now obtain the 32 and 64 bit versions from the SLUG coordinators. All you need to do is provide blank DVDs to burn the media on, and you will be provided with your copy.

Alternatively you may download the image from the Fedora site. Visit the links page for the links to the download sites. 

 Visit Fedora for details:  Fedora Home

The latest version of Ubuntu (8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) has also been released. You may obtain it by contacting the same persons and providing a blank CD. You can also download it from Ubuntu, or order your copy to be delivered to you. Visit the Links page for the details.

 For more details