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Events & Activities

Regular sessions are held in the college campus where members share their experiences, get their doubts cleared. Hands-on are held during these too.


Besides, we had a session by the ambassadors of Fedora and Indian Linux Users' Group, Kolkata Chapter during the annual technical festival of the college, Techtrix '08 .

We are planning a Fedora Workshop in future. But for that we need more interested students. So please keep attending the meetings of SLUG as and when they take place. 




No immediate events.




  SLUG Seminar on 22nd April 2010


 SLUG Seminar on 30th March 2010


A report is here: http://dipanjanchakraborty.blogspot.com/2010/04/slug-seminar-on-30-03-10.html


C programming in the Linux Environment



The much awaited session on “C programming in the Linux Environment” is finally here.

Be there in the IT Gallery on 28th (Tuesday) and 29th (Wednesday) April at 8:30 am to experience it.


Key speaker: Prof. Hrishikesh Bhaumik, Asst. Professor, IT
The importance of the knowledge of Linux in the current placement scenario.
Other related topics.

Demonstrators: SLUG coordinators
the vi and nano editors
gcc (the GNU project C compiler)
gdb (the GNU Debugger)
various Linux based IDEs
Linux installation

Hoping to see one and all,