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Sparsa Roychowdhury
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Connection to Internet via Mobile in Linux.

Most of the people uses their mobile phones as modems to surf the web. But many of them don't know the procedure to get the connection in Linux. There is a very easy way that is provided by Linux the network-maneger-applet. I'm providing step by step pricedure with screenshots.


  • 1st connect your mobile in pc-suite mode.
  • 1st right click the icon of the NM-applet.
  • photo
  • Then click on edit connection.
  • photo
  • Then click on Mobile Broadband tab above.
  • photo
  • Click on add botton.
  • Now click forword to make a mobile broadband connection.
  • photo
  • Then choose your country India.
  • photo
  • Then you will see all the service provider are listed, choose your service provider.
  • photo
  • Choose the corrent plan from the drop down menu and apply.
  • photo
  • Confirm the setting you have provided.
  • photo
  • Single click on the NM-applet icon and there you will see the connection you already made is available.
  • Click that and wait to connect.
  • Now you are done..

    You can also connect TATA Photon+ like this in your Linux system








    Sparsa Roychowdhury

    March 5, 2011 at 10:47 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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